XFINITY cable, phone and internet services certainly in the past few years experienced a loophole in their customers’ service operations and spoil their reliability towards such a great business. But after contacting experienced and professional Customer Service Operations Tom Karinshak eventually they have gained a good position and their customer service is rising in all means. Unlike earlier now customer receives an instant response from the service centre and their matter instantly taken into consideration.

It is evident, that the XFINITY is embracing new strategies and levelling up in their customer service. It’s time to throw light on their achievements and rising service operations.

  1. The transformed XFINITY instantly react to their consumer’s queries via phone, online chat or social media interaction. Every customer is taken well care of this aspect. 24*7 customer service is getting better and the employees’ size is nearly quadrupled. This clearly indicates that now each customer gets personalized attention they deserve.
  2. The inclusion of callback feature on My Account option gives the customer a flexible chance to get in touch with us at their own convenient time. They just have to mention the callback time and the employees will call them back at their own time.
  3. The policy of three-hour blocks for the arrival of technician has been improved and the Tech ETA quite proactively messaging service work and inform the customer about the arrival of technicians beforehand.
  4. Much improved real-time feedback policy is giving the best chance to exercise on their strategies and work progressively.

With a complete boost and extremely positive attitude now XFINITY is stepping towards more functional and active customer service par excellence.