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Bellingham is the county seat and most populous city of Whatcom county in the U.S. State of Washington. In the mid-to-late 19th century, settlers began to occupy the city. The Bellingham bay was named by George Vancouver. It was after the chief accountant of the British navy who provided supplies to Vancouver for his exploration, Sir William Bellingham. The city of Bellingham has a population of about 80,885 based on the 2010 United States census making it the twelfth-most populous city in the state of Washington.

In 1903, Bellingham was officially incorporated as the result of the consolidation of the four historic towns that settled beside Bellingham Bay.  Pierre Cornwall and an association of investors formed the BBIC (Bellingham Bay Improvement Company), wherein this company had the franchise for providing electricity to the city of Bellingham. One of the best tourist spots in Bellingham is their cool and green Whatcom Falls Park. Tourists and residents get attracted with the Water falls and people enjoy the hiking trails in the park. They also love the beautiful Nature Park where they can have a walk with their loved ones or bond with their family and friends.

The city of Bellingham Washington has a wide coverage for high-speed internet. You don’t need to be upset about the connection because the Internet Service Providers are reliable. With the high-speed internet in Bellingham, you can enjoy your stay here while connecting to your family and friends.

Some of the top Internet Service Providers in Bellingham are Centurylink, Xfinity, and Frontier. You can enjoy up to 1000mbps download speed depending on your specific location. With this, streaming movies, music, and other types of videos will be uninterrupted. You can even connect up to 6 devices and use the internet at the same time without worrying about decrease in speed.

Get connected to the internet with ease in Bellingham, Washington with your choice of provider and plan. Visit their stores or call their hotline to find a plan that suit your needs.

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