On average, Xfinity Internet takes about 2 to 4 hours to install fully. During the installation process, you will have to wait for the technician to set-up all of the external wiring and connections to activate your internet or cable services. Depending on the scale of your services, installation may take even longer. It all depends on a wide range of different factors such as your location and the various connections you have available.


Yes, Xfinity offers equipment return services in which you can request that a technician comes out to your home to pick-up your old equipment.You also have the option of dropping your old equipment off at UPS which is another convenient way to return all of your old equipment with minimal hassle. This service is especially beneficial for Xfinity customers located in Bellingham; WA due to the hectic nature of the environment.

Yes, you can bundle Xfinity services and create custom plan options that will enable you to bundle various services like cable, television, home phone, and more. You can even go further and customize your business services to create the perfect plan that will help you go further in all of your activities.

Yes, certain Xfinity services are restricted by location so they are not available in all areas. You need to check the service availability map in your area before signing up for any connectivity services through Xfinity?

Yes, Xfinity offers 24/7 customer support service to all of their customers. You will be able to contact Xfinity customer support via phone or chat anytime you need assistance with your service.

To obtain the best wi-fi signal strength, you need to place your Xfinity equipment in a central location within your home. This location can be a living room, bedroom, or some other area where there aren’t many distractions or obstructions in your way. When Xfinity equipment isn’t obstructed by any objects or debris, it gives the modem more capacity to transmit a strong wi-fi signal that helps you stay connected to the things that matter most.

Yes, you can find a lot of different incentives from Xfinity that will help you get special discounts on your services when you purchase certain bundles or package options. You can check in your local area to get an idea of any unique deals that may be available in your area on the specific services you need.

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